In January 2019 I was sitting on the couch with my laptop. «Running on Svalbard. That’s fun».  Immediately logged in and booked. After all, we have never been there …….

Then it is finally May 30. Little trained due to my busy schedule, but I’m going for Svalbard ……A wonderfully beautiful flight to Spitbergen. Longyearbyen was immediately a special experience. The hotel was full of runners. I saw the last runners train in the streets of the small mining village.

The 31st of May in the morning chatting with an Italian at the breakfast table. Later this appears to be the winner of the half marathon. He says that he does not want to run the same lap twice, which is why he runs 21 km.
After breakfast I will prepare for my round. 10 km, we’re going to do that. And then enjoy the vacation. Wind force 14, we are blown off the streets.
The 10 km was easy for me. Enjoying the view, they said before leaving and I did. Shortly after the start, my lace went off. After many had tapped me on my shoulder I properly tied my lace.
It was busy on the trail. Marathon, half marathon and mila runners ran together. A tough course with grus, mud, ice, wind and steep mountains and wash falls.
A girl walks in front of me …. I catch up with her on the last descent.
A tasty hamburger in the center in the evening. The guests next to us know that different participants have 2 minutes extra time, an error in time registration. Just check what time I have. 5th !!
But according to Johan’s registration also 2 minutes more with me. The lady that I caught up with is third. Another lady, who has not been at the 5 km checkpoint, 4th. Where was she. I didn’t see her. Just call the race management. They do not know how to solve the problem. I’m fine with that. As a judge, I know how difficult these situations are. I am satisfied and proud ….. and my brain is running at full speed. I STILL CAN.
My trainers used to say that I should start competitions, if I can do this without training ……. I want more. Search the internet back at the hotel. Soon I know. Greenland, iceland ….. Alaska … NORTH POLE. That is what I want.

“the Northernmost marathon in the world on solid ground”

Lukk meny